Using a Leasing Professional

Leasing Professionals are More Important than the Lease Itself

Benefits of using a Leasing Professional

When you use a leasing professional from our team, we help you in finding various avenues to set up leasing opportunities to obtain equipment. They might help you with a sale and leaseback to take out money from current possessions, or help you find other opportunities to obtain equipment. We would assist you in finding the best solution for equipment acquisition. Our trained lease professionals use different types of mortgages, and/or property credit-line products.

Dominion Lending Centres Leasing Benefits

Personalized Attention to Every Project

You will receive dedicated, local-office attention with a crew that knows your market, and is equipped with knowledge concerning your community because our organization deals in local ownership. This allows us to get closer to you on an individual basis. At our credit Centre you will be offered a wide range of the best and most efficient tools in the leasing industry.

Lowest Monthly Payments

We offer numerous funding resources that allow you to get best financing option with lowest monthly payment schemes. We provide quick approvals allowing smooth business operations.

Numerous Leasing Sources across Canada and USA

Unlike amateur financing companies we don’t rely on one or two lease sources. We offer large volume of funding sources providing a great financing platform to the businesses in Canada and USA.

Flexible and Innovative Programs

We believe in reducing finance burden of our clients. Our experts would listen to your financing needs and would break down your large business finances into multiple leases. They would make sure your approvals are quick and paperwork is managed according to leasing requirements.

Easy Switch to Distinct Funding Resources

At, DLC, you won’t be restricted to a certain funding resource rather we provide you great exposure to numerous additional funding resources. You can simply switch over to any funding plan to enhance your capabilities.

We Specialize in

  • Through access to excellent funding resources, Dominion Lending Centres leasing professionals are able to deliver opportunities for low once-a-month payment approvals.
  • Got a large dollar transaction that is giving you problems? DLC Leasing can divide those transactions into smaller leases and send them through several funders to help get you approved easier.
  • Due to a large variety of different leasing packages available on the market today we are better equipped to solve even the most difficult equipment acquisition problems.

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